Phone: 717-597-4014

A Licensed Pet Boarding Facility near Greencastle, Pennsylvania

PA Dept. of Agriculture Kennel License #4579

Pet Boarding Rates for All Pets


  • Large Dog Kennel (5' x 10') Fee: $60 per night
  • Regular Dog Kennel (5' x 5') Fee: $25 per night
  • Second Regular Dog Kennel Fee: $20 per night
  • Multiple Dogs in Regular Kennel: $15 per night per dog
  • Cat Cage Fee: $15 per night
  • Second Cat Cage Fee: $10 per night
  • Multiple Cats in Cage: $5 per night per cat
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Dog Boarding Details

  • 22 individual clean, secure and roomy inside kennels with privacy panels
  • 2 (5' x 10') kennels and 20 (5' x 5') kennels can accommodate 1-3 dogs (depending on their size) from the same family
  • Dogs staying in the same kennel must be able to eat together and not be aggressive towards each other
  • Individual outside run areas are attached to the indoor kennels and covered. The area is 5'x10' and includes privacy panels.
  • There is 3 large yards with a 6' fence where dogs can be taken on walks or run free (depending on their behavior

Cat Boarding Details

  • Cages are 6' tall multi-level
  • Can accommodate 1-3 cats (depending on their size) from the same family
  • Cats staying in the same cage must be able to eat together and not be aggressive towards each other

Kennel Amenities

  • Heating/air conditioning in all inside kennels and cages
  • Music plays continuously throughout the facility
  • Each pet will receive individual kuddle attention
  • Grooming and bathing services available during boarding stay

Boarding Stay Requirements

  • Boarding contracts must be filled out (see contract forms)
  • Current-year or lifetime County Dog License
  • Records from your veterinarian on all vaccinations, including: rabies, distemper, and kennel cough
  • At time of dropoff, dogs must be on a leash and cats on either a leash or in a carrier
  • Discounts are available for extended boarding stays over 14 days

Bring Along Some Comforts From Home

We recommend bringing some objects from home to make your pet more comfortable during their stay.

  • Please bring a sufficient supply of your pet's regular food. Bowls are welcome (no glass or breakable items), but we do have our own stainless steel bowls that can be used
  • Bring a bed, rug, or blanket for your pet to sleep on or cuddle with
  • Your pet's favorite treats or snack
  • A few of your pet's favorite toys