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Details and Process

Kuddle Kennels requests that you plan to leave your pet for at least 3 hours for our grooming services. Grooming time will take at least 3 hours and possibly longer depending on certain variables. The condition, length, and texture of your pet's hair may increase the grooming time. The behavior of your pet may also affect the length and difficulty of each grooming session. We like to take our time to do a beautiful job and your pet will remain more relaxed if he/she does not sense that we are in a rush.

An exact quote on grooming services cannot be given, since each dog will have a unique grooming experience. Your pet's coat type, condition, types of blades used, and temperament will determine the final cost. Extensive de-matting will not be completed, the safest and most painless way is to clip the pet down short, so they can grow a fresh coat. As a pet owner, you can control matting by regularly brushing/grooming your pet. Extra fees may be applied if your pet's coat is extremely matted, has a temperament, or needs a longer hand scissor.

Kuddle Kennels reserves the right to decline services. The decision may be based on the dog's age, temperament, condition of coat or general health. If your dog is matted, cannot accept responsibility for any underlying skin conditions caused by or revealed during grooming.

Complete grooming services

  • Pets will be brushed out as much as possible prior to bathing
  • Pets will receive a refreshing bath, conditioner treatment, and a blow dry
  • If necessary, nails will be trimmed, pad areas trimmed, ears cleaned, and eye stains treated
  • All products used are natural, premium quality, pH balanced, cruelty free, and eco-friendly